Can girls really be leaders?

Welcome to adult preschool. Everyone sit in a circle and shut up.

I am a woman. I had an intellectual conversation about emotions with two men (acquaintances) today and they were completely capable of keeping up with me on an emotional level, and they didn’t take it as an insult when I noted their sensitivity. They heard it as a compliment. One of them shared that he feels completely comfortable kissing other men with the same emotion that a mother would kiss her child, but he wasn’t raised in America and he’s sure he would struggle with shame and the stupidity of homophobia if he had been.

When it comes to female friends, I have binders full of them. We aren’t mean to one another. We don’t talk crap about one another. We have deep, loving, strong and lasting friendships. I keep hearing people (usually men) insist women are mean to each other, but I see it equally in both genders. This is not a girl thing.

I can change a flat tire and my husband mends his own clothes. Gender stereotypes are stupid, illogical, and inaccurate. Men are not any less hormonal (hello testosterone tantrums!), they aren’t any more even headed or better at making smart choices.

Women aren’t any less capable of running companies and countries than men are. I’ve worked with kids long enough to witness with 100% consistency that boys cry just as often as girls. They act just as irrationally as girls. They have just as many tantrums and they get their feelings hurt for the exact same reasons. Meanwhile parents tell the boys how they should be, and they really have to work hard to repeatedly tell their boys not to cry, over and over again, day in and day out, until the boys have learned how to pretend they don’t feel.

Girls are told they are sensitive and soft and “Sure sweety, you can be a leader someday,” but what they should add is, “If you can learn how to be cold and detached and pretend like you don’t have emotions, like we’ve forced our boys to be, then sure, you can be a leader, too.”

Being a leader in America isn’t for girls right now. But are boys really up to the task either? I’m not convinced they are. It sounds to me like what we really want are robots in charge. Beautiful machines that just see people as $$$ and don’t feel a thing. That’s why I’m voting for a robot for president in our next election. Men, you tried your best, but you’re still flawed with hormones and emotions that come out in the worst ways as you work extra hard to suppress and control them. We need a real leader. We need a robot. ‪#‎robotforpresident‬


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