It’s my birthday

KCP_0677-01_x_72_bazaar_infoHello All. It’s been a while since I wrote. My brain is clear and “working” again. It seems without the chemo-haze I’ve lost interest in sharing my emotions to anyone and everyone on the internet. I have mixed emotions about that, but if I start talking about them I’ll end up not posting this. I’m still journaling in private. I’ve been participating in group story-telling once a week, as well as working on a long-term creative project with two writer/actors. I’ve kept up with learning the ukulele, posting weekly videos on facebook to show my progress. I’m still a nanny to the cutest twin boys and loving every second of their two-year-old energy and curiosity. And even though it’s not a main focus, I’m still supplementing income with a portrait shoot here and there. I’m about three months in to my 2nd year of remission and I’m finally feeling like cancer doesn’t define my day and cancer doesn’t define my emotions. Time has healed me in the way only time can.

Against all reason and logic, I decided to take part in a holiday bazaar this year. I say it’s against logic, because I made this decision three months before the bazaar, with next to no inventory for said event. With spots being limited, I felt that I had to jump into the opportunity whether I was ready or not. Once you get a spot at this bazaar, you’re guaranteed that space every year. I’m definitely already looking forward to next year when I will have had an entire year to create inventory for the event. For now, I’m just excited for the learning experience.

KCP_0689-01_x_72It’s been three months of intense crafting, often equating to 14-hour work days. The good news is, I LOVE IT. It’s difficult. I sometimes scream at yarn like a crazy person and throw little tantrums while I’m home alone trying to get a new pattern to work. When I say I love what I do, I don’t mean it’s easy. I enjoy it because it’s satisfying. After three months I have two tubs full of crafts and I’m ready to go! My only worry is selling out early due to a small inventory, and that is the BEST problem to have. 🙂

The bazaar is tomorrow, and everything is at a discounted price to what I usually charge for special orders or Etsy sales.  If you’d like more details about the event, follow this link:


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One response to “It’s my birthday”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :

    Welcome back, my love 🙂 It’s been so good seeing that sparkle in your eyes again. And I’ve been so proud of how hard you’ve worked for this bazaar, and the creativity you’ve expressed is wonderful 🙂

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