For Kendall

I met Kendall when she showed up for the art bazaar my friends put together for me when I was first diagnosed. She’s young and has been fighting colon cancer for three and a half years. I had eight chemotherapy treatments, Kendall has had eighty.

Kendall is in a substantial amount of pain and the cancer is growing at a rapid pace. She’s chosen to stop chemo and enjoy what time she has with her husband. I visited Sunday, honored that she gave me a moment of her time to take her photo. I told her I could do absolutely anything she wanted with it. She said, “I want to look fierce, with fiery hair.” Not a hard task for such a fierce fighter.

She asks that we all appreciate what we have while we have it. Here is the portrait I made of her:



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2 responses to “For Kendall”

  1. Judi says :

    Many prayers for Kendall and her family. And you are a good friend for creating such a beautiful photo for Kendall.

  2. Markis Melarkis says :

    A lovely tribute. We should all heed her words.

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