My Progress in Photo Manipulation

Portrait manipulation from 1998 to February of 2013. Proof of the value of practice and persistence.
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1998a300Take bored photo with webcam, desaturated to perfection.


2000_300Discover flattering angle, increase contrast to blow out forehead. No blemishes! Nailed it.


2001_300Drawn on makeup. I wasn’t good at real makeup, either.


DSC00036Saturating to maximum hue particles? CHECK. Applying cut-out filter? Innovative! Saving as a GIF? Nailed it.


2005_300Discover working with layers.


2006_300Zoom in and enhance. Enhaaaaaance.


2007a_300Continue practicing layers. Sweet background, Brah.

2007b_300Clone my husband playing D&D with himself. My first manipulation project that took a lot of planning ahead of time in order to accomplish. Possibly also my last.


2008_300Self Portrait. Introduction to adding something from nature. In this case a butterfly.

2008b_300Introduction to adding elements of magic. I was frustrated a lot this year, wanting to mix magic with realism, and feeling like everything I made looked fake.


2009d_300Accidental success. This was the first time I made something that wowed myself. This one is special to me.

2009e_300Me. I love this.


The year something clicked with me, and my practice started to look less like practice and more like art.

2010a_300 2010b_300 2010c_300 2010d_300 2010e_300


The year I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer



Art helped me survive chemotherapy. I used my bald head as an opportunity for art.

2012a_300 2012b_300 2012d_300 2012e_300

2012g_300I finished chemo in August and shortly after I worked with a professional model for the first time. (Her name is Stephanie Tice. She’s amazing.)


I worked with her again earlier this month

2013a_300 2013c_300 2013b_300

1998a300Don’t give up.

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9 responses to “My Progress in Photo Manipulation”

  1. Roller says :

    Your work is so ridiculously amazing.

  2. Mom says :

    And you never have given up on your dreams. I am honored to be you mom.

  3. kat kat bo bat says :

    i love seeing the progression. I’m so glad you did this, for us to see yes but more importantly for YOU to see šŸ˜€

  4. joy lynes says :


  5. Sandi McComish says :

    Fantastic as always !!! Also glad your feeling good šŸ™‚

  6. Cherritta Smith (young) says :

    What an inspiring and truly courage and amazing work.


  7. Ciel says :

    Woooow I’m always amazed by your work! Your skills are beyond! I wish I knew how to use photoshop like that… your work seems from another world that is what I like most about it! It really feels like peeking into that dreamy head of yours šŸ˜‰ Big fat hug! So glad we met!

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