One step forward, two steps back

It seems that every time I start to feel myself again, something new comes along to knock me back. This time it’s neuropathy. It started as a tingling in my fingers and toes, and has now spread to become an overall numbness and loss of feeling in my hands and my legs from the knees down. If you’ve been following my story, you know how important my hands are to me. Every different creative outlet I have requires the use of my hands. As of today, I am constantly dropping whatever I pick up, stumbling around when I walk, and finding it hard to feel much in my limbs. It takes ten times as long to type, and I look like a toddler when I attempt to eat while my food jumps from my fork. Not cool, Cancer. So not cool.

I’m waiting on a call from my doctor to find out what my options are, if any. I read up a little more about neuropathy, and it looks like there are options to lessen the effect, but nothing that works to completely restore my feeling. Boooooo. This is something that typically lasts for years. Boooooo. Among the treatements are several options I won’t be able to use because I’m allergic to them. Boooooooo. I want my hands back. I WANT MY HANDS BACK.


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7 responses to “One step forward, two steps back”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :

    Years!? No!

    Tears 😦

  2. mainelyhopeful says :

    ugh.. sorry you are dealing with this.

  3. Julie B says :

    stay strong. you kicked C’s butt, you can deal with this too. you are a poster child for positive thoughts outweighing medical science. have a tantrum, then make plans.

  4. Jenn's Mom says :

    When I was on my way to work this morning, I was listening to my favorite uplifting radio station in the car and heard an advertisement from a physician offering a successful treatment for neuropathy. It was the first time I have ever heard of the ailment too, so maybe …. just maybe…. serendipity has come to play with us. Tomorrow morning after i get to work, I will call the radio station and find out what I can. Will get back to you ASAP. Until then, I have a word: finger paints! 🙂

  5. Holly Anderson says :

    I whole-heartedly second Julie and Jenn’s mom’s words!!! If anybody can get through this its you!!! And never underestimate the therapeutic effect of finger painting!

  6. Ron says :

    Hi my Wife had Nuropathy really bad , the only thing that helped her was Lyrica it wiorked good to help her ….so sorry you are going through all this. Keep going … Cancer will not win ….

  7. Mom says :

    As your mom, I am glad that you can take that “one step forward”. As long as you can do that then you have the upper hand!

    Had a couple friends that have had family members with nuropathy during and after cancer. Each one dealt with it differently. One meds, one acupuncture, one exercise (airdyne exercise bike that moves arms and legs).

    We will get you through this!!!

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