Mission Remission

I had my CT scan on Monday, and today I went in to go over the results of my scan with my oncologist. His first words were, “Your scan is perfect.” Both my scan and bloodwork are as good as can be, and I am officially in remission. I have a follow-up colonoscopy next week to make sure that what’s left of my colon is good. My oncologist said the scan showed that my colon looks like it’s still a little swollen, but that’s not concerning because it’s still healing. I will know for sure next week if everything is good.

I will have a CT scan every three months for a year, and then every six months after that until I reach five years. If everything goes well over the next five years I will then be able to say I am cancer-free. My oncologist says that from the pattern of how well my body responded to surgery and treatments that he suspects I will have good news from here on out. It’s not a guarantee, but my future looks bright.



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9 responses to “Mission Remission”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :


  2. Julie B says :

    MAJOR Happy Dance — with Jazz-Hands and Snoopy-feet!

  3. Grandma says :

    We have reason to celebrate. See, prayers are answered!!!!!!!Love you

  4. Mary Mellon says :

    Happy Dancing with Tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face!!!! 🌈😃🌈

  5. Kristina says :

    Well, now you can finally come to Utah for a visit and have some of the Bosnian food you like 🙂 I am very excited for you! Congrats!

  6. resgrandma51 says :

    Alright!!! Congratulations dear lady!



  7. Marilyn says :

    So happy for you!!!!! Weve been praying & sending Reiki to you & will continue if you’d like. Best wishes.

  8. Jenn's Mom says :

    You’ve done well, persevered, found wisdom in everything that happened to you. This is your reward. Congratulations, my dear heart. So pleased for you.

  9. Sally says :

    I can’t begin to find words to express the gratitude I am feeling. Wild, exuberant whoops of pure joy! You and Mark have been so courageous in the face of a vicious enemy and have prevailed!

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