Nearing the Finish

I spent this past week looking around my messy home thinking I should be attacking this mess by now, only to remember shortly after that I just had chemo last Monday. My brain is all jumbled and for short periods I seem to completely forget that I am still supposed to be resting and healing. When these moments hit, it’s like being in a dream, and for a brief period it feels like it’s been several months and I still haven’t started putting my home together. Then I “wake up” and remember I just had my last treatment. I JUST HAD MY LAST TREATMENT! The joy of being finished with chemo is a thrill. I’ve never been both so excited and so exhausted at the same time.

Even though chemotherapy is over, I’m not calling this finished until next month when I have my follow-up CT scan on the 17th, and another colonoscopy on the the 25th. Fun fact: It was the same week in September of last year when I had my initial colonoscopy that revealed my cancer. Now, a year later, almost to the day, I am going in for the same test. This time I’m expecting much better results! Or at least if they find anything it will be a removable polyp rather than a giant tumor. When the scan and tests are done and I know for certain that nothing new is showing up in my body, then it will be time to celebrate the end of treatment. Even in the event that everything looks good, it will never really be completely over. I will have check ups every three months and yearly scans until I hit the 5-year mark, and yearly check-ups after that.  A few tests and appointments over the next years will be nothing compared to this past year. Bring it on.


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2 responses to “Nearing the Finish”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :

    Damn right. I’ll be your second in this duel!

  2. jillinois says :

    Congrats on the milestone ! I remember my last arsenic treatment (was postponed due to shingles showing up on my BUTT, and having to wait until that healed. And, the lifetime of follow-up is always there- but being done with the chemo part is huge … 🙂

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