I shared with my oncologist that I’ve been sleeping a lot, and had concerns that sleeping twelve hours at a time might be a sign of something bad. “No,” he replies, “There’s a reason we only do eight sessions of chemo at a time, this last month will show you how hard this is on your body.” He’s right, this last month is a challenge. I had my last treatment a week ago today, and usually by now I’ve gained enough energy to be useful around the house and get a few chores done, but not today. Today I mailed some paperwork and brought in the mail from the box, walked around the block a few times and decided that was enough work for one day. I think I’ve done well so far with letting myself relax and not feeling the guilt of doing nothing, but this extra fatigue is doing a number on my brain and I find myself strongly disliking the amount of time I spend relaxing and sleeping.

I’ve been too tired to try to return calls and emails and probably won’t get back to being social until I gain more energy. Socializing is hard right now. Aside from chemo brain I’m also swollen in the face and belly and don’t look or feel like myself right now. One more treatment this coming Monday, and then it’s time to start the healing.


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3 responses to “Pooped”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :

    You are so amazing to me 🙂 To be in a place where thinking is physically demanding, and to take on the challenge of considering your future is impressive. I am not a good planner at the best of times, much less while my body is being poisoned, much less at the most punishing time of the poisoning, much less planning ten years in advance… I adore you.

  2. Vivian Ruby Stacks says :

    You are amazing and now I want to make a new plan. I love planning!

  3. barrie (mary ellen's friend from nh) says :

    Thnx so much!

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