Skipping A Week

I was not allowed to do my scheduled chemotherapy this past Monday because my white blood cell count was down too low. Normal level is 3500, worry zone is 1500, and I was at an even 1000. I talked to my oncologist about getting out of the house, and shared with him that just three days before the appointment I had walked the length of the Rose Festival twice. First, he was surprised and asked me a series of questions about my day out, like if my heart was racing or if I had shortness of breath. I told him I felt fine the whole time, but that I was wiped out the next day and didn’t have the energy to do much at all. He said to keep it up.

One of the side effects of chemo is mouth sores. This past week I bit the inside of my mouth and it healed as fast as it usually would. My oncologist was again surprised and pleased (me too!). Based on my reports for the past two weeks and his numbers, it’s still okay for me to get out of the house, and I don’t need to put myself in a germ-free bubble YET. He keeps saying “yet”. I’m still being extra cautious, washing my hands more and using sanitizer and avoiding touching people. I’d rather be safe.

I’m enjoying my extra week off. I’m drawing a lot and trying to get some more prints in my store. This year I’m going to start removing a lot of my old art from the internet all together, including what I have posted on Flickr, my website, and my print store. If you want it, get it now. It won’t be up much longer. When I take it down it’s gone forever. It’s time for a fresh start!



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3 responses to “Skipping A Week”

  1. April says :

    wha?!????? where’s it going to go?!?!??? 😦 i LOVE your art!

  2. Susan Trainque says :

    My sister has Crones and they are taking about a colostomy bag for her. She has just spent 6 weeks with me and I could not believe the severe pain she was constantly in. She even went to the hospital before, during and after her stay with me. She goes to the bathroom at least 20 times a day. NO LIE! She washes,sprays, uses pads and petrolatum jelly before and after. Not to mention the amount to TP my sissy has to use. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to call here at 561-324-7080. She is not computer literate and is soooo willing to talk to anyone that understands her dilemma. Please understand and love my sissy. Her name is Donna Cook. Thank you and ~walk with the angels~

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