Round Two

The first dose of chemo is given based on my size, and then the next dose is based on my bloodwork and how well I handled the first dose. My suspicions were correct, I was taking too large a dose of steroids. That and one of the chemo drugs was reduced by 25 percent. I started my white count at 3500 (normal is 3900 so I was low before chemo started). My test yesterday showed that the first dose dropped me down to 3,000. My oncologist said there’s nothing to worry about unless it drops as low as 1500, and lowering my dose will help keep it from dropping further.

With the lower doses the difference is HUGE. I have had only one hot flash since yesterday, and my cooling pad cut it down to a five-minute flash. I feel a bit more nauseous, but I think the nausea is the same, I’m just more awake and aware this time. I felt ready to vomit this morning. I think it’s time to look into getting a green card. I’m not sure where to go or how to do it, but all my cancer buddies are telling me it’s the absolute best thing to do. Even my doctors have said their patients recommend it.

In summary, round two is much, much better. My mind is clear enough that I even feel alert enough to drive. I didn’t feel that way for the whole two weeks after my first dose. Just amazing how much better I feel! I still don’t feel good, nausea and low energy, but better is better!


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5 responses to “Round Two”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :

    Yay for better!

  2. adayinthelifeofamiddleagewoman says :

    Yes, “Yay” for better! 🙂
    What’s a ‘green card’??

  3. Sandi says :

    So glad to hear this last round was much better. Everything’s relative isn’t it. I find it amazing that you refer to this as better. Your a very strong woman and so glad to know you. I think getting your green card is the least you can do 🙂
    Get better and take care..❤

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