Chemo suuuuuuuucks. There are so many things to complain about. Mostly the nonstop sweat and hot flashes. It’s like the flu times a million.

Mark would usually spend his day off mowing the lawn, doing a few chores and ending it with some video gaming. He hasn’t left my side all day. Even when I sleep I wake up to find him sitting at my feet.

I wish I could say more but this is all I have the energy for today. I don’t like chemo.


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4 responses to “Chemo”

  1. Mom says :

    Momma loves you and wishes she could make it all go away.

  2. Vivian Ruby Stacks says :

    I hate it for you. MIL has ovarian cancer and she’s pretty much permanently on chemo for the rest of her life and “sucks” is an understatement. 😦 Hugs to you, hang in there.

  3. sharon says :

    Wish I could go thru this for you so you didn’t have to. Just know that you are much loved.

  4. Richard Gatling says :

    We will by no means win the war against cancer with our current method. Whenever you comprehend what cancer is and why there’s so much of it today you’ll comprehend why they will by no means find a remedy. It is exactly the same as trying to find a cure for scurvy which obviously everyone knows is really a vitamin C deficiency disease. With scurvy it is easily cured by consuming a meals item that contains the missing vitamin.

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