I’m sitting right now for the first time and it’s not comfortable. The doctor gave me the okay today to start sitting for a short amount of time, increasing it each day just a bit. I’m still not completely healed yet, but the tiny part that’s not healing isn’t going to affect my sitting if I keep it to a minimum.

I start chemo next week. I don’t know what to expect, but after all I’ve been through I’m so familiar with the unknown that I don’t find myself curious or even anxious. Whatever it’s like, it’s not going to be good. The previous round of chemo, before surgery, was the pill form, and it’s supposed to be much gentler than the IV I’m about to receive for the next four months. I just hope I lose my hair so I can look like a weird alien. If my hair doesn’t fall out I’m going to be upset.

In new hobbies news, I haven’t written a song yet. I know, I know, first song, I shouldn’t expect it to fall out of my brain onto the paper. In fact, I should be used to this pattern by now. Any time I take on a new hobby it takes a really long time and many hours of work before I finally understand how to do whatever it is I’m trying to learn how to do. I’m the slowest learner I know. I’ve come to enjoy that about myself. Slow and steady wins at overall achievement and long-term success. Except when it’s a race, slow and steady never wins in competition of speed, because the hare isn’t nearly as stupid as the story says he is. It’s all a conspiracy against rabbits so we don’t feel so bad for killing them and hanging them from trees in our backyard for luck.

I’m the only one that was doing that?

About halfway through that paragraph I had to switch to laying down. Ouch!

Here is a picture I took of my surgery scar and colostomy bag to use as a reference for a drawing.

Bad Ass


And here is the drawing:


I’ll be back next week to report how chemotherapy is. Spoiler alert: It sucks.


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2 responses to “Update”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :

    I love the drawing so much! Also, tell me about the rabbits again, George…

  2. Robyn says :

    Love the artwork, Kamina! There are a lot of people all over the US who have had the same surgery as you, but I’m not sure that anyone sees the art in it. I hope you publish this in a place where they will see it. And, as far as the chemo goes, just be brave and you’ll get through it. The bonus is that you WILL get your wish and look like a sultry alien! Cannabis helps. You would no doubt qualify for a legal use card.

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