Rest Area

Early next month I have surgery to place a port near my collar bone and shortly after I start chemo. My surgeon still has not approved me for sitting and I am not completely healed. The spot that is not healing is “the size of a forth of a dime” and will hopefully only take another two weeks to completely heal. GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH.

I feel like I’m at a rest stop on my path through cancer. I’m calm, I feel good, I’m adjusted to the colostomy enough that I don’t really think about it and sometimes forget it’s there for long stretches. There’s chemo in my future, and after that there’s adjusting to leaving the house with my new equipment. I walked to a friend’s house and was pretty exhausted for several days after, but so worth it for my mood. Now the doctor says I should take it easy on the walking for at least another two weeks and if I do I should be healed by the end.


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  1. Robyn (Jenn's Mom) says :

    Suggest you also find a book (used at Amazon) called The Artist’s Way, and work your way through it. Amazing things will happen, I promise.

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