My stoma and me are the new ‘it’ couple.

It’s really been a pleasant experience here while recovering. The worst so far was a pretty bad reaction to the product the hospital uses to wash gowns and sheets. It made my neck/chest/legs swell and itch. My mom made me a gown and brought in some sheets from home. Problem solved. Mom can changer her name to Hero.

My family has been a great support, and the nurses have been awesome. A wide variety of characters, but they all have in common that they care a lot here. I no longer have the stress of cancer’s doom and gloom hanging over me. Recovery has been physically difficult, but I am feeling so much better emotionally. Having that level of stress gone, the physical difficulties are not much of an obstacle to me. I haven’t done this before, but from what I can tell I’m healing in good time and my ‘tude is good. Although I feel like my attitude is a result of my fortitude, and not the other way around.
I’ve enjoyed having visitors after the initial night of recovery. I don’t recommend having a bunch of people stop by the same night you get out of major surgery. I think I glared at everyone but I don’t actually remember. Thanks to all who have stopped by. I should be here at least through Monday (no time of day guarantee).


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4 responses to “My stoma and me are the new ‘it’ couple.”

  1. cardassianvole says :

    Awwww! Your tabloid nickname can be Stomina!

  2. Jenn's Mom says :

    Cartoon stomas with character.

  3. Emily Christian says :

    I had a random dream that you were working on a claymation project… Perhaps it wasn’t completely random!

  4. Sopes de pa says :

    Just glad to read what I’ve read! Best wishes on your recovery. Happy Valentine’s day Kamina!

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