Just got word that my tumor is totally gone. Gonna do a bit more chemo to be safe, but my surgeon is happy to report a huge lack of tumor and no obvious cancer under the microscope.

Just had my epidural removed a few minutes ago and will soon be attempting to stand and walk around for the first time here in the next hour. My surgeon said he saw me go through this seemingly unfazed and that makes me a good candidate to come in and talk to future patients. I win.


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14 responses to “Pathology”

  1. Shah says :

    Damn straight you win! I don’t think any words will accurately describe my joy over reading this post. So instead, a happy dance!

    PS: You are incredible.

  2. adayinthelifeofamiddleagewoman says :

    I have no problem explaining to my co-workers why I’m smiling with tears. 🙂
    This is the best most awesome news!!
    You win. You win for sure.

  3. Dan says :

    So glad to hear Kamina!!!

  4. Sally says :

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

    “Though she be but little, she be fierce!”

  5. Vivian Ruby Stacks says :

    You are such an inspiration. 😀

  6. Paul says :

    That is really good news.

  7. anne says :

    So very good to hear… keep being awesome. =)

  8. Jenn's Mom says :

    You win! Of course you do. Welcome to the next thing.

  9. Judith W says :


  10. DazT says :

    So VERY happy!!! 😀 😀 😀
    Didn’t think you’d be up and about so quick, but so glad you are!
    Take good care of yourself. ❤

  11. JulieB says :

    I don’t know which is more awesome, this news or you! Your joyous spirit and fantastic attitude will be an inspiration to others I am sure — even if they are not smart enough to love monkeys or know the power of the unicorn. ;^)

  12. Kendall says :

    Kamina: I am so very happy to hear this news! What a blessing. Think about you often my ass-kicking friend. 🙂

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