The art bazaar was a success in more than one way for me. Even while in pain, and under the stress of cancer, I made eye contact with everyone. I pushed past that sensory overload and I talked to not only my friends, but to strangers as well. I kept up with everyone like I never have before. I couldn’t do it every night. I think it took about fifteen hours of sleep two nights in a row to recover my mind, but I did it once and that’s something.

Thanks to everyone who came to the bazaar. It was a great success in helping with our bills, and I’m overwhelmed by how much people care. Thank you for all the support and the opportunity to show off the new me.


About Kamina Kapow

I have dimples and friends

4 responses to “Success”

  1. ishmom says :

    Once you can love yourself then they can love others with a true heart. You have a true heart and it shows in everything you do.

    I am glad you have Mark to grew with.

  2. ishmom says :

    then you / not they

  3. becomingamazon says :

    I can’t look people in the eye for some of the same reasons – and I dont do well in crowds for similar reasons – I can FEEL them all and I can’t feel me. Airports and Hospitals are the worst — everyone else;s stress gets at me. But funny thing, when I had cancer, I also was able to more easily push past it and connect…I dont know why. Except that I think something about having cancer set me so firmly in my own skin that I was better able to hold that boundary. Congrats on finding Mark – I have someone like that too – someone who holds me to being me. It is an amazing gift – and not an easy one, but I am always grateful.

  4. jennie says :

    You are loved. šŸ™‚

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