Turning 30

This morning began with some screaming pain. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so loud from discomfort before. It felt like the first time. It wasn’t just the pain that had me yelling, there was definitely some anger in there over not healing as quickly as I’d like. I know they said two more weeks before I really start healing, but it’s my 30th birthday tomorrow and this isn’t how I wanted to spend it.

After a few hours of lazing in front of the television (my new best friend) I decided on an adventure. I drove myself to a nearby store to pick up some sparkling apple cider and a two-dollar lotto ticket, the lotto being a birthday tradition. I won nothing, but I’ll be drinking apple cider all day tomorrow and loving it. Leaving the store I wanted to go back home to my indent in the sofa, but I said to myself, “I can do it, I can do it.” and I ventured a bit further across town to the craft store for more beads.

They didn’t have the only beads I wanted. Was I expecting what I wanted? Pfff. I instead picked up a few more pendants to keep myself busy until the craft bazaar this Friday. I’ve been busting out the necklaces, about five an hour, and I’m happy with the results. There will be plenty in stock for the big event.

I’m excited for Friday. I wanted a big party in my new home, but a craft bazaar is the next best thing! I’ve wanted to sell my art in a bazaar since walking the aisles of many bazaars as a child. Not only will my art be featured, but the event is all about me. Win. I think it might even be better than hosting a party at home. There won’t be a kitchen full of empty bottles to clean up the next day, and I’ll make money for the outrageous bills coming my way. FYI a trip to the emergency room costs as much as a used car.

Tomorrow I’ll spend my first day in my new decade sipping on apple cider and napping. I won’t scream in pain. I refuse.



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7 responses to “Turning 30”

  1. Stefanie says :

    Yay for parties and boo for pain. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Oh and I lubs you. =)

  2. Tina Lucero Donnaloia says :

    Seriously! I have said it before, but could you be anymore cute and amazing!?!?! So mad about your pain but so proud you are overcoming it and not letting it ruin a momentous occasion! 30 is/was awesome!!! You are gonna rock it and have an amazing decade! Now that I am half way thru it I can say it is pretty awesome! Love you tons!! Can’t wait to see you Friday! I have left most of my walls bare on purpose so I can grace them with your art and spend lots of money!! XOXOXOXOX

  3. adayinthelifeofamiddleagewoman says :

    Pain sucks 😦
    Focusing on all kinds of healing energy being sent your way. Wish I lived out West so I could come on Friday.

  4. Sandi says :

    Happy , Happy , Happy Birthday !!
    Today’s a day to celebrate you. I hope you have a great day that is pain free. that’s not too much to ask , right 🙂
    Enjoy your Day. ❤

  5. Paul says :

    You are on my mind all of the time. I want you to know I remember your birthday. I want to wish you a peaceful birthday this year and all of other birthdays will be rowdy and full of hugs, dancing with delight and banners being posted saying ” I BEAT THIS ASS THING”
    Love you Kamina, Paul

  6. Sally says :

    Hey Sweetheart, I’m crocheting you a brain hat for your birthday. Sarah pointed out the pattern. I hate that you and Mark are going through this ordeal without any useful help from us. I hate that I feel guilty and hesitant to get in touch with you whenever you are on my mind ~ which is a zillion times a day. You’ve touched our lives in so many beautiful ways. I wish I could make your butt stop hurting!!!!

  7. Amber Gregory says :

    At least you aren’t screaming in pain because you turned 30 and are a loser, like some people are when they turn 30! 😉

    You rock. Always. Can’t wait to see photos from the bazaar. (You should have called it a bizarre).

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