Today is a day of happy sleeping. I’m so tired I can’t stay up long enough to properly celebrate how happy I am to be finished with treatment. This evening before bed is my last dose of chemo. Tomorrow, for the first time in 40 days, my schedule is not determined by a pill or radiation, and I get to sleep in. Outside of treatment I’m a fan of sleeping in, but with radiation’s magic napping spell, there’s nothing I’d like more right now than to have uninterrupted rest.

My husband took the day off work today and celebrated by calling in to check on each of my hospital bills. We get some statements marked, “THIS IS NOT A BILL.” and then we get other statements that are clearly bills with indications such as “YOU PAY THIS AMOUNT” next to an amount. However when Mark calls on these we find that MANY of them are mistakes and they are “currently being reprocessed and do not need to be paid.” He called on ten bills today and only two of them we needed to pay on. This might seem like a good thing, like, “woohoo we only need to pay two of these!” but really it’s more of a headache. They are clearly doing this on purpose to see how many bills we will unknowingly pay when we don’t need to.  It’s ridiculous. How dare they take advantage of the sick.

Poor Mark, on top of taking care of me this week (being my worst week so far) he also battled a flu complete with barfing in the middle of the night, and his grandmother passed away. It’s to that point where numbness sets in and I just ask myself, “alright, what next?” My mom stepped in and took care of the both of us and we’ve nearly made it through the week. Mark is well today and back to my relaxing head scratches.

Noting what I’ve already been through, I’m leery to celebrate this moment of finishing treatment. I could say that it’s over for now, but then what nasty thing will strike me tomorrow? Instead I’ll celebrate sleeping in tomorrow, and hope I’m not awakened at 5am for a painful bowel movement.



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3 responses to “Sleepabrate!”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :

    You’re worth it all 🙂

  2. Rob says :


    So glad your treatment is coming to an end, and hopefully you will get some energy back. I was like your Mark and taking care of my Barb was a priveledge rather then something I had to do. We did so much and despite the cancer so much enjoyed each other and life. I came from England to take care of here in the States and Loved every second of every minute of every hour of every day of it. The only sad thing was Barb family did not help me much at all, but I did not care I just loved taking care of her. So many who go through this do not have many to help them, So I am glad you have a good family and support net work.

    I pray God Will heal You and Bless You and Meet all Yours and Family Needs.

    Best Wishes Rob

  3. Amber Gregory says :

    Congratulations on finishing this part of the war — I hope you have the most awesome crazy f-ing dreams EVER while you’re asleep, and that unicorns are involved (duh). You are so fortunate to have had your mom around to take care of you all this week (well, and always, right?). ❤

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