drastic times call for drastic haircuts

The original plan was to sport a mohawk if I was going to lose my hair. I’ve always wanted to have one, but only temporarily. What’s more temporary than a haircut before my hair falls out? After a weekend of pain I needed to do something fun, and since I can’t leave the house, I decided to go for the hawk. For me, the cut symbolizes confidence and a warrior’s spirit. If a look can have the power to change how I feel about myself, then this is the perfect cut.

Typically, I cut my own hair (I have issues with strangers cutting my hair and/or touching me and/or looking in my direction). This time I cared enough about how even it would turn out, so my friend Casey came over to buzz it for me. I LOVE IT. Going to the bathroom is painful these days, but every time I go I look in the mirror first and see a badass. All puns intended.

I haven’t been to work this week. It’s a bummer because I like being around my coworkers. They keep my mind off of my butt and keep me laughing. The headaches have stopped and my mind is fine. If it weren’t for my stupid hole I’d be able to work. It’s only been two days, but it feels like weeks. I guess I’m not much of a fan of relaxing. Time is spent painting and writing while I watch movies.

The paintings started out a bit crap, but I keep telling myself I’m in a perfect position to make a masterpiece, and as I work at it they get better and better. Today I felt I was far enough along in practice to start a self-portrait.  My strategy in painting (and any other art I attempt) is to aim much higher than I can actually accomplish. No matter what I make I’m not going to be completely pleased with the results because I find it impossible to make things look exactly the way I imagine them. But if I aim higher than I can reach, I’ll at least end up with something decent. Sometimes.


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4 responses to “drastic times call for drastic haircuts”

  1. Mom says :

    I want a picture of you and your brother this weekend side by side. It is gonna be the best Christmas photo ever.

  2. adayinthelifeofamiddleagewoman says :

    About 8 years ago, maybe more, I developed a fissure on the wall of my lower colon, towards my butt. There is nothing on the face of this earth that is more painful than anything happening anywhere remotely near around one’s butt. Multiple trips to the ER in the middle of the night just to be given morphine occured, before the doctors finally figured out they needed to cut out a section of my colon for the pain to stop.
    I wish that your pain was caused by the same thing as mine. I hate that yours is caused by cancer. I also wish I had discovered some magic trick to minimize that pain that I could share with you. But I didn’t.
    All I can do is know what you’re feeling. I’m so sorry for the pain.
    On a more cheerful note, I love the mohawk, and I can’t wait to see what painting you’re working on.

  3. Rob says :

    You are a warrior, and as you fight cancer know also You are a winner. The hair cut is great ..

    Best Wishes and Prayers ….Rob

  4. Erik says :

    Great photo! You look so cool.

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