About a year ago I started plotting and planning with a few of my friends to do something big and amazing together. A few of us got together periodically to talk about what each of our friends are good at. We got as far as our strengths and a few ideas and then ran out of steam because we had all the talent and none of the motivation to get started. I repeat myself, of course I don’t want cancer, but what an amazing motivator it’s been. Everyone came together and is putting their all into my cause. I said before that when it comes to tragedy, I don’t ask “why me?”. Yet my dumb brain has the nerve to ask that same question when wonderful things happen to me. Everyone tells me I deserve it, and logically I agree with them, but emotionally it’s still so overwhelming. My mind behaves as if I have yet to earn the love I’m receiving, and I find myself trailing off into “what awesome thing do I do next to prove I’m worthy of all of this?” I’m doing my best to derail that train. I believe in the plastic brain and the ability to change if I work at it long enough. I’m just happy I can recognize that thought pattern and change it.

There are too many people to thank at this point. Last night was my art show opening. My FIRST showcase. My coworker Mena managed the event, including finding funding to get my work printed, picking out the photos, ordering the prints/canvases, spray painting some old frames to match them all, hanging them, and finding entertainment for the event. Amazing. The lab our company uses (Advanced Photographics) gave us half off prints, and my generous bosses and coworkers at Studio Max chipped in to cover the rest. There will be another event on the 9th of December to auction off the remaining art from the show (if there is any) and every artist I know is donating photography, knit/crochet goods, glass jewelry, paintings and more to sell at the Bazaar. Amazing again. My friends are working together to find entertainment, design and print posters and fliers, and collect donations for raffle prizes. Never have I seen people rally together with so much passion and power as my friends are for just one person. I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never seen it in person. I imagine what we can do in the future for others and my heart is so happy.



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