what’s the turd

Every time I receive a new email, blog comment, or text my immediate response is giddy and excited, and then I realize I have to read it. I love comments enough to sit here and read them 5 or 6 times until I think I understand what’s going on. Bless my darling stupid head, my reading level has diminished to the level of a 2nd grader. My eyes protest the most, with a headache after a good read. I’d go get glasses, but seeing as this is just a side-effect of being generally tired it would be pointless to get a prescription for something that’s going to go away in three months. Don’t let this stop you from leaving comments. I will just wait and read them during my one good hour of the day. From 7pm to 8pm, just before my second dose of chemo, I have this one hour of semi-clarity. It’s the best part of my day.

I sent in my application for assistance for the chemo pills today, and I have another I was supposed to send in today for financial aid, but of course my half-powered brain decided I didn’t need to remember to stop by the social worker’s office. Now I can’t see her again until Monday. BRAIN I STABS YOU WITH REMEMBER LASERS.

Good news, my butt stopped bleeding. That means the radiation is working.


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5 responses to “what’s the turd”

  1. Robyn Schultze says :

    2nd grade reply: See Kamina heal. See Kamina smile.

  2. Robyn Schultze says :

    Tip: Between 7 and 8 PM write reminder notes to yourself and leave them on the floor by the front door.

  3. Tina Lucero Donnaloia says :

    WHOO-HOO for no blood! Now, go watch a little Sesame Street! Love you!

  4. Gina says :

    Yay for diminished rectal bleeding! Hooray for the radiation working! You ARE shrinking the tumor with your mind.

  5. Amber Gregory says :

    YAY for no bleeding! This comment brought to you by the letters A & S

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