day 3

Today was the worst. I felt horrible and it made me worried for the rest of treatment. If I can’t handle the 3rd day, when side-effects are supposed to be minimal, what does that mean for week 6? My body was fighting swallowing the pills, it knew I couldn’t take anymore. Sure enough an hour later I was asking Mark to pull the car to the side of the road so I could vomit.

As someone who has plenty of experience with nausea, I’m great at pretending I’m feeling fine. If I let on every time I felt sick and took sick days every time I felt ill, I’d have never held down a job. Today I could not pretend. The most faking I did was pretending to be asleep so no one would talk to me, because if I had to move my mouth I’d throw up. My oncologist prescribed me some anti-nausea medication, my mom and husband picked up that and some sea bands. These helped me make it to my third appointment of the day with the naturopath, who sent me home with a list of dietary help.

This anti-nausea stuff makes me sleepy. I’ve already slept 4 hours this afternoon,  happy to feel rested and my stomach isn’t bad. I hope I can feel good without feeling tired soon. It’s hard to take care of myself when I’m so tired, and there are people emailing me about helping out. I want to show gratitude, but even more I want to sleep. Just typing the word made me yawn.  Thanks for all the emotional support. I’m going back to bed. The sunilcomeout tomorrow.


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6 responses to “day 3”

  1. Tina Lucero Donnaloia says :

    So sorry honey 😦 you just sleep. Its one of the best things ever! I’m blowing you a kiss from my balcony! Let me know about Saturday. If you are not feeling up to it just tell me to piss off 😉 Love ya!

  2. Markis Melarkis says :

    After voming on the pavement, she waved weakly goodbye to the apartment complex we had pulled sharply over to and said, “byeee crappy apartment complex. thank you for letting me vomit on you. sorry” in this cheerful, sleepy, but clearly feeling poorly voice.

  3. Holly Anderson says :

    Please let me know once you all have the bank account set up and how to donate into it.

  4. Stefanie says :

    I love you. ❤

  5. Paul Palmer says :

    I’m glad you are setting up a bank account. A separate account is a very smart move. It keeps you protected. Sally and I want to contribute to your fund. I should have some money for your account in November. It is just around the corner.
    How is the paper work coming to have help with your co-pay on the pills? I’m praying that they accept you as a candidate and that relieves you of some of the monitory burden. We know that there will be other expenses that will be a burden also so even if you get help on the chemo front we will be still helping as much as we can.
    Sally is going to contact her sister who has stage 4 breast cancer by the way, if there is any of the things their mother has stored in a store room. If we can we can rent a van and deliver the things to your mother’s place for the garage sale.
    Sarah has some things to contribute also.
    We could donate a Persian rug to the art fair. They are worth several thousand dollars. We will look though the carpet and find the copy of the assessed value to go with it.
    I hope that helps. We love you so much and wish there was more we could do.
    Love, Paul & Sally

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