Radiation Consultation

No matter what office I’m visiting for cancer treatment, everyone else in the waiting room has gray hair. Maybe you haven’t heard me rant about this yet, I WANT GRAY HAIR. If I could look any way I wanted, I would have long silver braided hair, complimented by some witchy clothing. Perhaps some striped tights and a black pencil skirt with an old-fashioned secretary’s top would do the trick. I see all these older people trying to dye away the gray and I want to slap them. I’m watching my friends get their first streaks and not appreciate how beautiful it is. Isn’t it just like life to take my color last? Take my color last, give me cancer first. Uh, hey I think you got my order wrong. Take it back to the kitchen and get it right this time, I ordered the creepy silver streak with a side of cancer-free butthole.

The Radiation specialist was nice. Add him to the list of people who have had their finger in my butt this month. Quite a collection! He said that my results are “what we classify as stage 3.” So there’s the first solid vote for stage 3. He sprinkled in a 15% chance of the tumor shrinking down to nothing with a slight possibility of me not needing a colostomy bag for the rest of my life. I’m not into betting on anything with a 15% chance, but it’s nice to feel a tiny ray of sun on your shoulder after a month of rain. I start radiation on Monday. It will be once a day, Monday through Friday, for about 6 weeks. I was set in a mold that I will lie in every day, meant to keep me in the same position each time. The most exciting part was the three tattoos they gave me, to make sure the radiation is hitting me at the same three points every time. I asked for skulls, but all I got was 3 tiny points. It made me come up with an exciting idea for my post-cancer reward. I want a tattoo of a radiation symbol to represent my time with cancer.

The generosity of my family and friends is overwhelming. Everyone is offering their time and talents to help in whatever ways they can. We’ve already received donations of clothes and goods from two people for my mom to sell at a garage sale, which she plans on having November 5th. If you have any items for donation, please contact my mom. Every little bit helps! People have been asking for ways to donate money like with paypal or something (and by people I mean one person asked, but I’m not too proud to turn down $5). I haven’t figured that out yet. In fact, I’m overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge on the subject. I need an expert or 10 to tell me what to do. I know about paypal and how to set up their donations feature, but I don’t know if I should put them in my personal bank account, or what this will mean for taxes. Please send advice my way.

Update from 2015: You can donate via paypal to ishkamina @ gmail.com (remove the spaces. I have to add the spaces so I don’t get spam.) It’s 2015 and I still struggle to pay bills.


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2 responses to “Radiation Consultation”

  1. Tina Lucero Donnaloia says :

    You are RAD!!! I love the tattoo idea! Yes, paypal has a donate button that you can create and add to your own web page, facebook or just in an email. SUper simple! Also I will miss the fundraising pow-wow today but I have some super ideas! If you will have lots of free time, maybe you could put together some prints, simple, cool abstract photos that would be great deco for cool kids and parents and we can sell them and you can have 100% of the sales. Plus we could pick one day a month (we don’t have to advertise it, just pick one day that Leesha and I both know about) and we can donate a percentage of all the sales that day. I would do more days but we are so new right now, but as we get bigger and better we could do twice a month or more! Also, there is of course, benefit concerts!! I think we know enough musicians 😉

    Love you!

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