The sitch

It’s not set in stone, as I still have a ton of paperwork to fill out and a final approval to be determined, but I pre-qualified for government assistance to pay for my chemo pills!!! If the final paperwork goes through, I’ll only have to pay $30 of the$1,400 co-pay on the pills. I hope it all works out, because I can handle the $30. This doesn’t cover all of my other medical expenses, and I’ve still got all the time off work to fret about, but every little bit helps. My mom is looking into a lawyer another one of our family member’s used to get on disability, so at the moment things are looking hopeful. Free internet hugs for everyone!


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9 responses to “The sitch”

  1. Alex says :

    YES! So glad to hear.

  2. Stefanie says :

    Best news I’ve had all day =)

  3. ingrid says :

    We all are happy to hear it!!! We love you, the girls send you a million hugs 🙂

  4. Natasha Greenman-Ruzynski says :

    Keeping all parts crossed for the process to move forward and for the assistance to become reality!!!
    Internet hugs back at you!

  5. Mary Ellen says :

    Im doing my happy dance for you!!

  6. Christina Conner McAlmond says :

    That is very hopeful news!! crossing my fingers for you… which is making it difficult to type…. lol ;0

  7. Paul Palmer says :

    Praying, praying, praying. That you get the disability, that the paper work goes though and that you recover from you cancer and live a long and productive life. We love you Kamina. You are a special part of our life. Love, Paul & Sally

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