The Tumor and the Ultrasound

Today was the test to see how far the tumor has spread past the rectum lining. The answer is it’s made it into the muscle, but I am not certain about the lymph nodes. I’m sure I will be learning more later this week, but for now we know I’m at either stage 2 or stage 3. Crossing my fingers for stage 2. Remember when they said I was probably stage 1? That was fun.

The doctor today mentioned that there has been an unusual increase in people my age getting rectal cancer, and her best guess is it being because of how we are destroying our planet. It seemed to be the reason that makes most sense to her. I was surprised to learn this, because so far all the doctors and nurses are shocked that I have cancer so young. This was the first doctor to mention these recent findings. I explored Google to see if I could find similar information, and I did.

This article makes a good point: “We suggest that in young people presenting with rectal bleeding or other common signs of rectal cancer, endoscopic evaluation should be considered in order to rule out a malignancy,” said Dr. Meyer. “This is in contrast to what is frequently done, which is to attribute these findings to hemorrhoids.” Which is exactly what happened to me. I was first told I had hemorrhoids. Turns out, no. If you’re my age and you’re got the symptoms, get checked NOW.

This article sites eating fast food as a possibility, but I don’t eat fast food. “They found the largest annual percent increase in colorectal cancer incidence was in the youngest age group (20-29 years), in whom incidence rates rose by 5.2% per year in men and 5.6% per year in women. They say the rises are due to an increase in left-sided tumors, particularly in the rectum.”

No burger joints, no Taco Bell, no fast food. I rarely even eat out at all. If food gave me cancer, it was all the foods I’ve been eating that I’m allergic to. But fast food is not my thing. Because of my ongoing battle with nausea, I have always been most likely to eat something with only ingredients I recognize. When you have IBS you’ll do a lot to avoid stomach pain.

I don’t know what stage I am, and I don’t know when I start treatment. Not knowing is half the battle.


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5 responses to “The Tumor and the Ultrasound”

  1. Markis Melarkis says :

    That’s my girl, cracking jokes and dropping f-bombs. 🙂 One of the many reasons I love you so.

  2. Sandi says :

    Oh Kamina , your my hero.

  3. Stefanie says :

    Your mom wasn’t even messing with you! Next time you’re gonna be all doped up, I totally call dibs on babysitting. =)

  4. Mel says :

    Enjoying your family banter more than you know

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