It is not genetic

I learned today from the biopsy… nothing. Ok Ok, I learned that everything they said before is confirmed, I have a malignant tumor. It’s real. I have cancer. They weren’t just guessing, and they are super sure for reals. I did learn one new bit of good news, they ran a genetic test and there is no sign of a mutation in my genes, so I can stop giving my dad shit about giving me cancer. That’s good news for him, I was enjoying being an asshole. And I guess good news for me, because it means there’s less a chance of it coming back. Right? I assume so. It makes sense in my head, therefor SCIENCE.

Now I’d like to give some advice to anyone diagnosed with Cancer:

1. DO NOT google “life expectancy rates” for your cancer

That’s all I got so far. It was a bad idea. I don’t even know what stage I am yet. Dr. Grunk told me today that even though I’m in a bad situation, I’ve had nothing but good news since the cancer was discovered, and for what we can know right now, I’m in the best place a person can be. That’s not to say it will be all good news moving forward, but so far so optimistic. He seemed more concerned than I am, confirmation I live in a fantasy world. What, cancer? Oh is that the thing where you get a handicap parking spot and free wifi for life? Neat!

My Weirdness has been confirmed to be a genetic mutation.


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4 responses to “It is not genetic”

  1. FIRSTIES says :


  2. Paula says :

    I was very interested in the genetic comment and cancer. I have in some weird way thought I would die young, maybe because I thought I would follow in my dads footsteps, I don’t really know. When Was 20, I had a lump in my breast. when I was 25 I had thyroid disease. None of these were life threatening , but more annoying!
    When Dexter started working at the natural college of natural medicine, we learned a lot from the doctors; like thing that are “genetic”, sometimes are learned behaviors, like foods we eat and such.
    Most of my family has IBS, thyroid disease, psoriasis and many other auto-immune diseases that have been related to diet.
    My grandma lived a long life, but died of colon cancer. The doctors said she probably had it for 5+ years before it was discovered.
    when I was a kid, she was always asking us grandkids if we had a bowel movement b/c apparently this had been a family issue for her whole life and her parents. The problem is no one knows how the previous ancestors died..

  3. Vivian Ruby Stacks says :

    I was driving to the grocery store and the radio said colon cancer has a 90% survival rate caught early. Here’s to you being in that 90%. *raises glass of something Kamina’s not allergic to*

  4. clumsythinker says :

    Paula, I’ve had the same sort of feeling. I’ve always said the only reason i’m alive is modern medicine. If I was born in 1900, the Jaundice could have killed me as a baby. If not that, the burst appendix when i was 19. Now this cancer. It’s like the universe wants me dead. I put my faith in modern medicine, it hasn’t let me down so far!

    Ruby, let’s make it grape juice with no added sugar 🙂

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