The two people ahead of me in line were helped before the craft store cashier asked me to move to another register because she was closing. I looked behind me. No one. I look at the only other open line. Two more people since I had arrived at the registers. Can I use cancer here?

NO! (Technically yes {NOOO!})
I didn’t, but I thought about how many things cancer can be used to get out of while I was waiting in the other line. When life give you cancer, make cancer jokes.


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3 responses to “Excuses”

  1. Stefanie Pace says :

    Jury duty
    House sitting
    Baby sitting
    Yard work
    Anything involving heavy lifting.

    The possibilities are endless! I wonder if I can make this work for me somehow too. Like, I’m sorry I can’t do __________ with you, my friend has cancer. Silver linings, baby. =)

  2. clumsythinker says :

    Ha! Yes. Use it as much as you can. 🙂

  3. Amber Gregory says :

    Public Transit
    Being kept on hold on the phone
    TSA Lines at the airport

    the possibilities ARE endless!

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